BOP Tiger Beat Interview: Stefanie Scott Spills on A.N.T. Farm and Wreck-It Ralph! – Stefanie Scott


BOP Tiger Beat Interview: Stefanie Scott Spills on A.N.T. Farm and Wreck-It Ralph!

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Stefanie has been super busy lately- she voiced Moppet Girl in the big screen animated film Wreck-It Ralph and she’s been preparing for the third season of A.N.T. Farm. Luckily, Stefanie found the time to chat with us about her first ever voice-over role, the show and her plans for the future! Check out the Q&A below to see what she said.

BOP&TB: What is your favorite part about doing voice-over work?
Stefanie: My favorite part is that you can act completely crazy. It doesn’t matter what you look like. You can go in your pajamas; it doesn’t matter because all they want here is your voice. That is my favorite part, you can look really crazy and like a mad person and nobody cares what you look like!

BOP&TB: Is there an actor that you dream to work with?
Stefanie: I want to work with Reese Witherspoon. I want to work with Will Ferrell because he is like, really funny. I want to work with everyone I could possibly get the chance to work with. Everybody I can’t work with, I want to. I want to do a musical movie too.

BOP&TB: What is in your clutch on a red carpet?
Stefanie: Here is the problem, I always want to put too much in it. They’re so small, I always have to fit my phone, my lip gloss, I have to fit my camera, I have to fit all this stuff in it so that usually it turns into a little bit of a problem for me. I always bring an extra pair of shoes because the shoes are very tall. To be honest, whoever I come with, I always have them bring a purse and I’ll stick my shoes in there and all my makeup and then I just put my phone in it. Because the clutches are small. Although it’s kind of bad though. One time I left my phone on and I was on the carpet and my phone started ringing when I started taking pictures.

BOP&TB: Do you think your character on A.N.T. Farm has grown at all?
Stefanie: I do think my character has grown. Lexi, I think she does have a good heart deep inside and I think slowly as the seasons are coming, you get to see that more. Every couple episodes, you get to see that moment where her and Chyna hug and have a good moment. Those are the moments that I love and I live for on the show, when I get to see Lexi do something really sweet and heart warming. Those are definitely my favorite moments of Lexi’s. Season three is coming up, we’ll see how that guys and especially with the new twists on the show, so I am so excited to see how Lexi is this year. Hopefully she is a good girl! I promise she’s good!

BOP&TB: Do you like to get to be mean?
Stefanie:I don’t like to call her mean; I like to say she has a sassy side. I think that she is just protecting her armor. She is protecting what she wants and she does have all these goals and she really does have all these dreams that she wants to accomplish. I just think she goes the wrong way sometimes about talking about them and steps on other people’s toes on her way. I don’t do that.

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