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KPF Exclusive Interview with Stefanie Scott: Wreck it Ralph

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Stefanie Scott is only human. Or rather, one of the only humans in Wreck-It Ralph, the animated movie which takes place in the world of arcade games. “Moppet Girl” is a girl who hangs around the arcade and realizes that bad guy Ralph is missing from his game. Stefanie spoke with’s Riley about life as a gamer, both on and off screen.

KPF: Did you convince your mom “to get into character” to go to all the arcades and stuff?

Stefanie Scott: Well, I had my fair share of arcade time with my older brothers, playing Pac-man and all the driving games – I’ve played them all with my brothers. So, I definitely knew a lot about video games by the time I got this project!

KPF: What’s your favorite game to play?

Stefanie Scott: My favorite game in real life is probably Pac-Man or Mario Kart. I love Mario Kart, it kind of reminds me of Sugar Rush in the movie, so I think that’s why it’s one of my favorite games.

KPF: What do you think is Moppet Girl’s favorite game?


Moppet Girl

Stefanie Scott: I think Moppet Girl’s favorite game is Sugar Rush as well. You get to see that part of the movie toward the end. I think that’s probably her favorite.

KPF: If you were IN a video game, which one would you live in? I would say Sugar Rush.

Stefanie Scott: I’m going to have to go with Sugar Rush on that one. I would love to live in Sugar Rush! Everything is made of candy, and you can race go-karts in the day time made of candy, and cotton candy and ice cream and, it just looked heavenly.

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