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Twist Magazine Interview with Stefanie

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TWIST: Can you tell me what we can expect to see on some upcoming episodes of A.N.T Farm?
Stefanie: Well, we just started season two and we’re only on our second episode, but there’s a lot coming up. It’s really great. There’s lots more comedy, lots more costumes and really funny things. It’s kind of cool how you see that all of the characters are growing, too.

TWIST: What about Lexi? What can we expect to see from her?
Stefanie: You get to see a lot more rivalry with Lexi, and you get to see Lexi be funny and be herself. She’s a really fun character to play. I’m really excited for the second season. So far, I love all the episodes. We’re having a lot of fun reading the scripts and getting back to filming.

TWIST: What’s your favorite part about playing Lexi?
Stefanie: I love just the character of Lexi because she’s so different from me. It’s so much fun to play her. I know that Lexi, she’s not always the nicest girl, and she’s the queen bee. She loves to get what she wants. We are very different, and I think that’s why it’s so fun to play her. Once you get the heels on and get her outfit on, you become a different person when you’re playing the part. She’s so exciting to play. I love how every week when I see a new script, I get to see what she’s up to and what she’s doing now.

TWIST: Lexi, like you said, can be pretty mean sometimes. Have you ever had to deal with girls like Lexi before?
Stefanie: I think teen bullying is something a lot of people deal with. I know that I have dealt with girls like Lexi, and I think that every school, even if she’s not mean, has the girl who wants everything and wants to be perfect. Honestly, you have to kill them with kindness to get through it. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with lots of good friends, and they helped me through it. I just think that Lexi, as sassy as she can be, it’s at least a little humorous watching her and seeing the kind of stuff that she does.

TWIST: What’s been going with your music lately?
Stefanie: Music! Lots of fun stuff is going on with music. I’ve been recording and I have some unreleased stuff so far. We’ll be releasing them later on this year. I’ve been writing a lot. I love music and writing it and being in the creative process. I’m getting much more involved with it now, and I’m really excited about it. [My song] “Girl I Used to Know” is on iTunes and the music video is on YouTube. It’s getting a lot of views and it’s getting lots of good feedback, so I definitely want to do a lot more music!

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